TV Interviews - top tips


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Television Interviews
How to communicate with confidence

Top Tips

  • Decide in advance what your key messages are going to be – no more than two per interview.
  • Don’t think “I’m on TV.” Instead concentrate on delivering the messages that you prepared earlier.
  • Have to hand anecdotes that illustrate your key messages so you can talk about people, not just facts and figures.
  • Answer every question with your relevant key messages. Repeat them whenever you can. Start your responses with them if you can.
  • Keep your answers brief so your audience are more likely to absorb what you say. Most sound bites are between 7 and 10 seconds.
  • Rehearse your first answer. Ask the interviewer in advance what the first question will be. Get off to a good start and the rest will be a breeze. Get it wrong and the audience will turn off.
  • Use straightforward, uncomplicated language and avoid jargon. A natural quality makes interviewees more believable.
  • Be enthusiastic. If you sound dull and boring, the audience will assume you are. A softly spoken monotone will sound evasive. Practise putting light and shade into your voice by exploring the effect of changing volume, pitch and emphasis.
  • Record the results and watch or listen to yourself.f you want to improve your interview performances, then record each one and review it within 24 hours of broadcast. Return to it when preparing for the next one
At The Media Training Company we’ve seen the dramatic effects applying these simple rules can make to even experienced speakers. Try them!