"I arrived exhausted and left exhilarated"


The TV Interview

The television interview is unlike any other experience you will have in your life. Delivering presentations and chairing meetings will not prepare you for it. And it is not just a radio interview with pictures either but requires a completely different approach with a set of skills of its own.

That’s why in this training session you’ll learn by doing. You’ll be filmed giving the sorts of TV interviews you’re likely to encounter. We’ll playback and analyse the results, and then give you constructive advice on how to hone your skills.

A typical Television Interview course will cover some of the following areas:
  • how different types of television interview work and what is required for each.
  • pro-active planning with a specific message is the key to successful interviews.  How to prepare for an interview and what to rehearse.
  • practical exercises to help you convert nervousness into a powerful tool to improve your performance.
  • how to define your key messages and stay on track to deliver them during the broadcast.
  • television interview lengths are getting shorter all the time - Practical sessions to help you present your message succinctly.
  • if you find yourself up against Jeremy Paxman you’ll know your story is really important. But there are other, equally challenging interviewers. We teach you how to recognise the different types of interviewer and deal with them.
  • we examine body language and consider its power to affect the way you are perceived. You will learn how to mould your own body language to re-enforce your message.
  • television is a very physically revealing medium. Your appearance can easily detract from your message if you don’t look authentic. We examine what and what not to wear.