The Radio Interview

Radio interviews require a very particular approach. Learning to respond to print journalists’ questions or TV interviews will not necessarily equip you to get your message across when your audience have only your voice and the actual words you choose to judge you by.

That’s why in this training session you’ll learn by doing. You’ll be recorded giving the sorts of radio interviews you’re likely to encounter. We’ll playback and analyse the results, and then give you constructive advice on how to hone your skills

the Media Training Company all our courses are individually designed to meet each client’s specific needs but a typical Radio interview course will cover some of the following areas:
  • we examine the 5 most important techniques for successful interviews and practise them.
  • practical exercises to help you convert nervousness into a powerful tool to improve your performance.
  • what to rehearse before the interview and how to do it.
  • how to distil what you want to say into something succinct, punchy and memorable.
  • what to do if you’re asked a prying question you just don’t want to or can’t answer.
  • practice in dealing with different types of interviewer. If you are lucky enough to be invited on the Today show it’s a great opportunity to talk to key opinion-formers around the country. But there’s also every chance that you’ll find yourself up against John Humphries and his confrontational style of interviewing. Here’s how to deal with the challenge.
  • simple techniques to help you make the most of your voice. On radio it’s the most powerful tool you have.
  • we give you foolproof ways to boost your confidence on air.