Crisis Management

Have you ever noticed how organisations seem to attract more media attention when things go wrong? In the words of Doug Larson,

“Bad news travels fast. Good news takes the scenic route.” If you’re ever required to defend your organisation in the face of bad publicity you’ll wish you’d done this course first.

On this course you’ll learn these life-saving skills:
  • how to identify where you’re vulnerable in the event of a crisis and what to do about it.
  • how to conduct Crisis Management Planning. If you haven’t got a plan you’ll be making a disaster out of a crisis.
  • how to deal with bad news. Follow these simple steps to stop it blowing up in your face.
  • how to stay cool in a crisis. How to anticipate provocative questions and have the replies you need ready.
  • what to do if your organisation is in the wrong.How to salvage the best from the wreckage – and capitalise on it to your advantage.
  • what to do if your organisation is in the right. How to make the best of it as a way of opening new contacts with the media.