Media Relations

There’s an old saying,
‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity.’

These days it’s a pretty universally accepted truth that the potential benefits of media exposure are huge.

But for many organisations courting that attention in the first place can seem almost impossible.

On this course we show you how to get the right exposure in the press and on radio and TV.

A typical Media Relations course will cover some of the following:

  • how to harness the power of the media – We help you to come up with the perfect story that will get you media attention.
  • how to plan a media strategy – How to get from where you are now to where you need to be
  • how to write a press release that will get you wide spread media coverage.
  • how to compile a Media List. An accurate, current guide to the media for every media relations role.
  • how to identify your key messages. How to turn what you want to say into something succinct, punchy, and memorable.
  • what journalists do – and don’t – want. Understanding how journalists think makes it much easier to sell them your stories.
  • how to brainstorm. It’s a very valuable tool – but only if it’s managed properly. Here’s how.