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This Week – Media Interviews Why am I nervous?

  • Because you’re afraid of the unknown. To overcome that it’s only necessary to ensure that you have collected all the information you’ll need to answer any possible question you can be asked during the interview. And there are only a limited number.
  • Then there’s the fear of failure. But there’s no chance of failure if you’ve done your background research and made sure you’re thoroughly briefed on the subject.
  • Have firmly in your mind the key points you want to make and chose an outline form of words to get them across. But don’t learn them off pat or you’ll sound stilted and evasive.
  • Give yourself lots of reasons to feel good about yourself. Remind yourself that you know your subject, you’re well prepared and you’re the best person to communicate your message.
  • Anticipation heightens nervousness. So don’t allow any dead time before the interview. Keep yourself occupied. Read papers, or a book. Talk to anyone – studio technicians, the receptionist, the person who brings you a drink.
  • Avoid alcohol. Dutch courage may make you feel better, but it will damage your performance no end.
  • And use physical ways to combat the symptoms of nervousness. Think positive. Breathe deeply. Take a brisk walk - it burns up the adrenaline. Loosen your face muscles. Sip water - don't let your mouth go dry.

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